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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Roanoke Times Hiding Toyota Problem CopyCats

The Roanoke Times has been soooo diligent covering the media and Democrat hype about the alleged Toyota “go-fast and can’t stop” issue including the now infamous California guy who at 93 MPH could get out his cell phone, call and talk to the 911 operator while keeping his Prius on the road. Amazing, because few folks can do that at 40 MPH with a small car.
But now the Roanoke Times has fallen silent as they are prone to do with news that doesn’t suite their objectives. When the police car pulled up next to him and told him to “step on the brake” the car stopped. Of course the media front page story showed the police car in front of and touching the Prius as if the police car stopped the Prius. We all wondered why there was no visible damage to either car!
Now we find out the driver has a history and status that raises serious questions about his creditability.
And now the initial investigation by the NTSB indicates that the Prius brakes had not been applied for a long period of time like the driver alleged. And extensive testing of that car and like cars has failed to show this problem!
Wow; one would think this would be worthy front page news for a newspaper as concerned with public safety awareness as the Roanoke Times!
Some basic items:
1. It appears that some Toyotas have had gas pedals that stuck to the floor.
2. Investigations have shown that owner installed floor mats can and have caused similar problems in some cases.
3. There has not yet been published technical analysis showing cause-and-effect in the reported incidents and accidents.
4. Based on the big spike in complaints after the media blitz about the subject one is left to wonder about CopyCats like this one and a desire to get new vehicles through the lemon-laws and or law suites and or recognition.
5. Based on the fact that Toyota’s are the most numerous cars on the road and there are very limited numbers of alleged serious incidents; perhaps I am at greater risk of getting hit by lightning than the risk of driving my Camry.
The Obama team has not published how they have processed the 30,000 auto complaints that owners have input to the NTSB during Obama’s first year in office. What cars are involved, what recalls have been done and what is the status of all 30,000?
One would think that a newspaper, like the Roanoke Times, who are really interested in the public welfare and safety would certainly have used the FOIA by now to get and publish all this data.
Several years ago a mother and her children were all killed on Rt 116, Windy Gap Rd, because her car ran-away. This was an older model car and it appeared the carburetor throttle return spring failed. Based on current events and that local and tragic incident, perhaps the RT could publish as a public service the following:
If your car is “running away” do the following:
1. Stand on the Brake
2. Shift into Neutral
3. Turn off (but do not remove) Key
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