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Thursday, March 31, 2016


Obama Burned Reagan’s “Star Wars” And Now We Need Support

Roanoke Times, 3-29-2016, Pg 4: N. Korea threats spotlight weaknesses in US defense.  Pyongyang’s claims of nuclear capabilities have raised questions about future attacks.

Bill Clinton and his kick-the-can down the road N.Korean strategy had Bill Richardson and Jimmy malaise Carter negotiate One-on-One with North Korea to stop their nuke development. Clinton gave them money, fuel, a nuclear reactor and food for a "promise" to stop nuke development.,2933,220137,00.html

N.Korea accepted all the Clinton, Carter, Richardson goodies and moved ahead anyway with development of nuclear weapons and the intercontinental ballistic missiles to deliver them to targets thousands of miles away including Hawaii and the US West Coast.

Reflecting back to after Ronald Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative SDI "Star Wars" Speech March 23, 1983, the left-wing politicians and media went postal accusing Reagan of being everything from a war monger to being mentally defective.

Obama committed in Oct 2007 to terminate the SDI “Star Wars” anti-missile defense system based on his view that with his “Hope and Change” we no longer lived in a dangerous world.
His anti-SDI position was made to his radical-left supporters and is on youtube:
That view was consistent with his mocking of Mitt Romney over the current Soviet threat that also has been shown to be totally bogus and naïve.

Those Who Forge Their Swords Into Plows – Will Plow For Those Who Didn’t

North Korea Aggressive And Dangerous – Now What?
Obama Hiding From Reality Of N. Korean Nuclear Weapons And Missiles

Obama’s North Korea Charm Offensive

Obama’s Pathetic Response To North Korean Nuclear Test

Thank You President Reagan For Our Missile-Defense Systems

Suspect Shot By Police At DC US Capitol

Roanoke Times, 3-29-2016, Pg 3: Suspect Shot At US Capitol
Police shot a man after he pulled a weapon at a US capitol security checkpoint.
Yet again, police were compelled to shoot someone brandishing a gun who presented a “perceived” imminent threat.
Yet again, the gun turned out to be a “pellet-type” gun indistinguishable at a distance from a “real” gun.
Yet again this has all the hallmarks of suicide by police.

The officers involved may well have remembered that in 1998 two police officers in the Capitol Building were shot and killed.  The first was killed as he challenged a man who tried to bypass a security machine, a few minutes later the second officer was killed when he made the tragic fatal mistake of telling the killer to “drop your gun” instead of immediately firing his own gun.

Unfortunately, the Pravda Media has lately been villainizing police officers through distorted hindsight, especially in those cases that fits a race-based agenda.  How sad is that!

We need to support our police officers and handle those few who are not OK as the exception and not the rule.
Our Police Facing: Raging Bulls, Maniacs, Sharptonites And Vile Politicians

Roanoke Times, 3-20-2016, Pg 4: AP: Big Headline:
Woman shot by Va. police was holding fake gun

Hillary Joins Pravda Media And Obama In Disrespecting Police Officers

Obama Disrespecting Our Police Again

Roanoke Times Keeps Up Their Anti-Police Chants

Suicide By Police?

Justified Police Shootings

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Senator Bill Stanley: Victim or Chicken Little?

Andy Parker, father of slain WDBJ reporter Alison Parker, directed some angry comments toward Sen. Bill Stanley in the aftermath of Alison’s murder at SML by a deranged fellow reporter.
Stanley filed a formal complaint with the police claiming he was criminally threatened by Andy Parker.

The following is a most amusing spoof of the alleged Grand Jury proceedings:

Casey: Does 'threat' against senator merit a special prosecutor?
Over the weekend we learned that a special prosecutor has been appointed to investigate whether Andy Parker of Henry County threatened Sen. Bill Stanley when Parker directed some angry comments to the senator via Facebook. Seriously?

Note to Bill:
The election is over.
This flap probably helped your win – good for you.
Andy Parker is not a physical threat to anyone.
Get Real and move-on.
Please be careful with that Glock around your children,
it's a much greater risk than Andy Parker.

Latest 4-14-2016 news:
No charges filed for angry posts
Danville's Commonwealth's Attorney said the online messages were not serious enough to warrant charges.

By Dan Casey  981-3423
Investigation began in October   Casey: Special prosecutor displayed a jurist's mettle
Thank goodness the decision wound up in the lap of someone with common sense.

Andy Parker And Bill Stanley Collide

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Hillary’s 147-Agent FBI Entourage

4-1-2016 Hillary News Update (clearly not an April Fools Joke)
FBI orders State Dept. to halt review of Clinton emails
The State Department said Friday that the FBI has asked the department to halt its internal investigation into 22 (Top Secret+) emails sent by Hillary Clinton while she led the department that are now deemed to contain "top secret" information.

Hillary must be very pleased at the major FBI Entourage assigned to her, in-addition-to her Secret Service Entourage she has both as a First “Lady” and as a Major Candidate for POTUS!

WOW! One-hundred-forty-seven (147) FBI agents assigned to her!
That’s an Infantry Rifle Company size unit!  Talk about security!

Oh – Right --- It’s NOT for her security – It’s for those “trivial issues” those darn Republicans have been highlighting and FoxNews has been covering.

But not to worry – even if the FBI submits a list of violations with a case file of evidence for each item there is no way Obama or his DOJ Sister are going to indict Hillary.

If necessary Obama will grant her Total Use Immunity and A Pardon because this is all just a political “witch” hunt as he has already decreed.

With her pardon in one hand she can take the oath of office with her other hand as our next POTUS. 
There are 147 FBI agents involved in the Hillary Clinton email investigation

In-addition-to the FBI thing – there’s that annoying lawsuit thing that is still going:
Federal judge allows further digging in Clinton email lawsuit

Will Hillary’s Emails Lead To White House Or Big House?

Hillary Slow! Really? How About Challenged?

Hillary Sends Chelsea To Lament ObamaCare

Latest ObamaCare Bad News
Roanoke Times, 3-31-2016, Pg 12:  Latest ACA (ObamaCare) customers in poorer health:
Higher rates of diabetes, depression and high blood pressure -- also visited the emergency room much more frequently than those with private coverage.

Chelsea Clinton laments 'crushing' health care costs despite ObamaCare
Chelsea Clinton, in an implicit swipe at the impact of President Obama's health care law, recently told voters that many Americans still are facing "crushing costs" from health insurance even under the Affordable Care Act.

No Chelsea!  It’s not “despite” ObamaCare --- it’s because of ObamaCare!
And the direct increased cost of healthcare is only the tip of the ObamaCare Mess and its adverse consequences.
There are profound negative impacts to employment in both the full-time and part-time jobs and the 29-hour fiasco.
Also there are major negative impacts to healthcare cost and coverage for retired persons.

All this disruption and negative impacts on our people and the “Obama intended outcomes” are pathetic and marginal and deteriorating every day.  How sad is that!

Obamacare Enrollment Stalls as Projections Are Slashed by 8 Million
The Congressional Budget Office slashed its estimate of exchange enrollment from 21 million to 13 million by 2026 in its annual Budget and Economic Outlook that was released on Tuesday.
“The survey showed that 11.9 percent of adults were not covered by insurance in the final quarter of 2015, the same level as in the first quarter.”
12% still not covered!
Wasn’t this whole ObamaCare mess launched under the guise that there were 15% uninsured and that ObamaCare would make a major change in that number?  Has the US government ever lied at this level of malfeasance about any project in our history?  I think NOT!

Employers to Drop Millions from Health Care Plans as ObamaCare Premiums Spike, CBO Projects
Obamacare insurance premiums will leap 6 percent a year over the next decade, and companies will drop millions of employees from their health plans as insurers and employers calibrate their offerings for the new marketplace, the Congressional Budget Office said Thursday.
Bill Clinton: Last Eight Years – AWFUL!
MSN:  Bill Clinton knocks ‘awful legacy’ of last 8 years
ObamaCare Continues To Degrade Our HealthCare Systems

ObamaCare Dead Line Today: Tax-Fine-Penalty, Job Killer And Massive Debt!

ObamaCare Like A Chain-Reaction Highway Wreck

Sunday, March 27, 2016


Google’s Easter Doodle Exemplifies The War On Christianity

What do you get when you take Easter out of the Google Easter Doodle?
There is no Easter in the Google Easter Doodle!

The most significant communications facility in the world chose to exclude recognition of Easter on their Easter Sunday HomePage.  How sad it that!
Google treats us with a daily doodle most of which are so obscure that one needs to “google” the item to find out who or what it is.
However, on this, the most significant day in the Christian Religion, the Google Doodle Team were unwilling to even give us a cross!

One doesn't need a Masters in Graphic Design to do that job!
Apparently, Google has concluded that the War on Christianity is over and now it doesn’t even deserve a reference or footnote on Easter Morning.
Christ is Dead!   Hark -- Christ is Risen!  With or without Google or Google-Doodle!
Kudo’s to the Editors of the Roanoke Times for their coverage of all of Page 1 of the Extra Section and a graphic of
“The Old Rugged Cross” on Page 2 of the Horizon Section.   Thank You!
Alan Jackson  YouTube
MSN: New Tragic News on the War On Christians:
Suicide bomber targeting Christians kills 65, mostly women and children, in Pakistan park
Easter suicide bomb targeting Christians that killed at least 70 people.
At least 29 children enjoying an Easter weekend outing were among those killed
Christians And Christianity Still Under Attack
Kerry: “DASH” Committing Genocide Against Christians

Saturday, March 26, 2016


Liberal-Progressive Sex Law “1984 DoubleSpeak”

The National LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) attack teams have focused on a new North Carolina State law that keeps “at the State level” the implementation of sex-based laws.Not surprising, the Mayor of San Francisco issued a fatwa against North Carolina declaring it such a bad place that no city employee can travel there on city business.

This State Law was in response to a Charlotte city law that would have “required” all public bathrooms, locker rooms and shower facilities to be open to anyone claiming they have a “self-proclaimed sexual identity” to use that accommodation.  These “extended rights” were to be in-addition-to current nondiscrimination federal and state laws.

Talk about “1984 Double Speak”: At what point in American Law and History did it become “a right” for men to use the ladies restrooms, locker rooms and shower rooms?
Apparently that happened with Obama’s  Hope and Change and has been totally embraced in NY and California and by Obama’s DOJ!

N.C. Gov Pat McCrory signs into law bill restricting LGBT protections

The only protected classes recognized by the state will be race, color, national origin and biological sex.
Bishop said it made sense to keep the state in line with the protected classes recognized by the federal government.

There is no federal civil rights legislation that provides special dispensation for LGBT individuals to invade the privacy and sanctity of those who live by their birth-right!

Virginia defeated own transgender bathroom bill in February

A Progressive's Guide to Political Correctness   YouTube

George Carlin - Political Correctness is fascism pretending to be Manners

Bill Maher & Dennis Miller on Free Speech vs Political Correctness

A reflection on San Francisco:
San Francisco is a Sanctuary City that directly contributed to this murder:

NYC Mayor de Blasio Opens All Restrooms And Locker-rooms To All

Shopping For A Transgender Friendly Judge

TransGender Virginia Girls Coming To A Boys Room Near You

Public School Bathrooms: Boys, Girls, Whoever

Make Way for Transgender High Schools

Friday, March 25, 2016


More American Blood in Belgium

Apparently, there are at least 12 Americans seriously injured and at least four (4) Americans killed in the Radical Muslim Terrorist attack in Brussels.
Three days after the attack, neither the Belgium nor American governments have identified the list of American citizen victims.

Obama Doing The Wave With Castro While Brussels Bleeds

For Lack Of A WaterBoard 34 People Died And Over 200 Injured

Obama’s apparent indifference to this terrorist attack is difficult to comprehend.
His comments and behavior indicate that for him this is just another bump in the road.

Turmoil In Middle-East Just “Bump In The Road”

Perhaps The Professor is looking at the big long term view of American blood in Belgium:
The poppies growing in Flanders Field
The 60,000 casualties at Bastogne
And now just another bump in the road in Brussels

However, For 34 Innocent People (including at least 4 Americans)
It Was Their Last Tango In Brussels

Obama catches 'optics' flak over state dinner tango

First, he caught heat for doing the wave alongside Cuba's dictator — while the rest of the world was watching images of ISIS carnage in Brussels. Now, new images of President Obama doing the tango – albeit a bit awkwardly – in Buenos Aires are further fueling an “optics” problem as he defends the decision to go on with the diplomatic program in Latin America despite this week’s horrific events in Belgium.
Battle Of The Bulge – Christmas 1944

Flanders Field American Cemetery Belgium

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Obama Doing The Wave With Castro While Brussels Bleeds

Latest Very Disturbing News about the Brussel's ISIS Bombing
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Suggests Brussels Bombers Targeted Americans
The California Republican pointed to the location of the first bombers at the airport, “which was right by United, American and Delta airline stands,” and that the metro bombing occurred close to the US Embassy, to support his claim.
U.S. officials were trying to find Americans missing after the attacks, which the officials said injured about a dozen U.S. citizens including three Mormon missionaries, a U.S. Air Force airman, and four members of his family.
Among those missing were U.S. government personnel, a State Department spokesman told reporters in Washington.
As Brussels Reels From ISIS-led Terror Attack, Obama Attends Baseball Game In Cuba; UPDATE: He's Doing 'The Wave' With Castro; UPDATE: FARC Rebels Were At the Game
Obama’s indifference and callousness toward attacks by the Radical Muslim Terrorists is very disturbing.  He clearly demonstrated this behavior by his absence from the Paris solidarity march attended by most major leaders.

He grossly demonstrated his warped views at the “Prayer Breakfast” with his “Let’s not get on our high-horse over terrorist atrocities, remember the Crusades”.
Obama At The Prayer Breakfast

Our Hope and Change now is to hope for a Change to a Real American President we can be proud of.

For Lack Of A WaterBoard 34 People Died And Over 200 Injured

Avoiding Another Attack Does Not Justify Waterboarding -- Really?

Professor Obama And The Forgotten Harvard Class On The Crusades

Obama Completes Lee Harvey Oswald’s Quest: “Fair Play For Cuba”

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


For Lack Of A WaterBoard 34 People Died And Over 200 Injured

Four days before the Brussels Bombing, the Paris Bombing Leader, Salah Abdeslam, was captured in Belgium.
Abdeslam was part of the ISIS team of Suicide Brothers that then Bombed the Brussels airport and was to be a participant in that attack.

Why didn’t the Belgium authorities get the vital information out of Abdeslam during the four days leading up to the Brussels attack in which he was to participate?
Given the nature and severity of the threat from this Radical Muslim Terrorist, why wasn’t every action taken to get the information he had so that this disaster could have been avoided?

Perhaps Obama can explain to the victims of this attack that WaterBoarding is a bad thing.  He simply kills targeted people, and those around them, with HellFire missiles from our drones. He doesn’t do bad things like waterboarding.

Obama The Summary Executioner Says Waterboarding Torture

Avoiding Another Attack Does Not Justify Waterboarding -- Really?

Brothers linked to Paris attackers reportedly identified as Brussels suicide bombers
RTBF reported that Khalid El-Bakraoui, 27, rented an apartment in the Forest section of the city that was raided by authorities March 15. In that raid, a police sniper killed a man identified as Mohamed Belkaid, 35, an Algerian with links to ISIS. Authorities also reportedly found an ISIS flag and a Kalashnikov rifle and ammunition, as well as several detonators that may have been meant to be used in Tuesday's attacks.
The March 15 raid led to Friday's arrest of Paris attack suspect Salah Abdeslam after one of his fingerprints was discovered in the raided apartment. Politico Europe, citing a senior Belgian official, reported that Abdeslam was supposed to take part in Tuesday's attacks.

Paris terror suspect captured in Belgium
Hollande, in a joint news  briefing with Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, confirmed Salah Abdeslam's arrest and said he was "directly linked to preparing, organizing and, unfortunately, perpetrating" the attacks in November in Paris that killed 130 people.

There’s  a heavy price for the Benign-Neglect Of Radical Muslim Terrorism by the Belgium government’s  policy relative to the risks associated with the refugees from the Middle East.

At some point, the leaders of the EU countries will be forced to address the risks associated with the massive invasion of refugees with little or no verified documented history or background.

Under the EU banner of open-borders these people, many of whom have participated in Radical Muslim Terrorist Training and Combat, can move freely from country to country with no checks or reviews.  The host countries have not implemented adequate security systems that detect, interdict, and defuse these Radical Muslim Terrorist attacks.

The EU and the NATO countries stood-by and watched the destruction of Syria by Assad and ISIS that has resulted directly in the million-person refugee invasion of Europe.  There is a price to pay for watching this unfold and doing nothing.  The Obama “red line” was also a red line for the EU and NATO – and they too just watched!  How sad it that for all the innocent people involved!

Newsweek:  How Belgium Turned Brussels Into an ISIS Powder Keg

Belgium Reaping What They Sowed

Syrian Refugee Onslaught: European Countries Resurrect Their Borders

Bowers Trump EU: The Immigrant Conundrum

Obama’s Designated JV-ISIS Team Hits Paris Again

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Bill Clinton: Last Eight Years – AWFUL!

MSN:  Bill Clinton knocks ‘awful legacy’ of last 8 years
Former President Bill Clinton, stumping on behalf of his wife in Washington state on Monday, urged people to vote for Hillary Clinton “if you believe we’ve finally come to the point where we can put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us.”

Depends on your definition of: “awful”.

Sometimes we can find truths in very strange places!

Monday, March 21, 2016


Obama Completes Lee Harvey Oswald’s Quest: “Fair Play For Cuba”

Latest News from Cuba:
Obama and Che -- The Other Band of Brothers -- How Sad and Pathetic!
Right out of Obama's Book: Fulfilling My Father's Dream
Obama has brought to fruition Oswald’s quest for the US to embrace the Castro’s and Che!  JFK must be very impressed with this dubious so called achievement.

This is my recollection and view of the real Cuban-American government relationship:
US Army anti-aircraft Hawk missiles at Key West:
Cubans Pack the Streets for a Glimpse of President Obama
“Mr. Obama himself marveled aloud at the significance of his trip.”
“It’s a historic opportunity to engage directly with the Cuban people and to forge new agreements and commercial deals,” he told employees of the United States Embassy,

Cuban’s Pack the Streets!  Really? Talk about your Pravda Media hype!
Even the CNN live broadcast expressly focused on the lack of Cuban people who not only did not “pack the streets” but were totally unaware of Obama’s visit.

The “Ladies in White” knew about the trip, tried to gather to highlight Cuba’s miserable civil rights situation – they were arrested and dragged away – wouldn’t want the Obama Family to see any of that!

“Obama marveled at his significance” --- just as Narcissus looked in the water and marveled at his significance!

Dr. Manny: Why I'm disappointed in how Cuba welcomed President Obama

“In another troubling turn of events, just hours before Obama arrived the civil rights group Ladies in White tried to stage a non-violent protest on Palm Sunday, but they were arrested by Cuban security forces. These women represent the sons and daughters of Cuba that have been thrown in jail over their attempt to express the desire for basic human rights.

And so, as I listened to the Cuban analyst talk about what the president’s visit may represent for human rights in Cuba, all that I could think about is what the Cuban government itself wants, which is to stay exactly the way that it is. I do not believe that Obama has a true understanding of how unwilling the Cuban government is to change. If Obama believed that he was going to be able to preach about civil rights and open doors for the Cuban people during this visit, he is sorely mistaken. His message to Cuba’s government will fall on deaf ears.”
WSJ:  Behind the President’s Visit to Havana
By Mary Anastasia O’Grady    
The spectacle is designed to pressure Congress into lifting the Cuban embargo.
Obama Joins Oswald’s “Fair Play For Cuba Committee”

Obama: Embraces Cuba, Debases Israel

How Is The Pope Helping The Abused Cuban People?


Another Anti-Police Headline

Roanoke Times, 3-20-2016, Pg 4: AP: Big Headline:
Woman shot by Va. police was holding fake gun

Let’s continue the anti-police Obama-Hillary and Pravda Media jihad!

Let’s smear the police for not knowing this was simply a “fake gun”!

Let’s create the impression that not only are the police stupid – but they’re also  wanton!

The good news is that the content of the article, should folks have read it, was reasonable and prudent (as were the police officers involved).

“The officers saw a woman involved in the altercation brandish what they believed was a handgun and threaten an unarmed man.  The officers approached Beaty, who refused to comply with their demands and made a threatening motion with the handgun before the officers fatally shot her, the department said.”

One might make the following observations about incidents like this:

It is literally impossible to distinguish some “fake” guns from real guns.

Situations like this have the appearance of “suicide by police”; a tragedy for the person, the person’s family and the police officers involved.

Headlines and continued anti-police messaging is not only counterproductive but has major adverse consequences  -- Stop It Newspeople!

Hillary Joins Pravda Media And Obama In Disrespecting Police Officers

Obama Disrespecting Our Police Again

Roanoke Times Keeps Up Their Anti-Police Chants

Suicide By Police?

Justified Police Shootings

Our Police Facing: Raging Bulls, Maniacs, Sharptonites And Vile Politicians


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