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Friday, August 08, 2014


Ebola And HIV+AIDS -- Two Deadly Pandemics

CDC issues highest-level alert amid Ebola outbreak
The CDC organization and the Director’s track record on the containment and processing of the  HIV+AIDS pandemic does not give one confidence in how they will manage the Ebola challenge IF it invades the US.
The Obama decision to bring two Ebola doctor-patients “home” and to host a meeting of hundreds of Africans in DC, at this time, is not very comforting.
We are left to wonder, if doctors really know how to handle Ebola without getting infected themselves or becoming carriers, then how did the two doctors get Ebola treating patients in Africa?
The experimental drugs allegedly used on the two US white-patients have caused a flurry of comments on what we are doing for African black-patients who are dying by the hundreds.  It’s difficult to understand how the CDC made public the existence of these unapproved, untested drugs!   What were they thinking?
Obama’s appointment of Dr. Frieden of New York does not make one feel that we (with Allstate) are in good hands.
Dr. Thomas Frieden and Health Malfeasance
Roanoke Times, 6/7/09, Pg 16: Former NY health chief (Thomas Frieden) tapped (by Obama) to head agency (CDC).
Reflect back to:  Roanoke Times, 8/30/08, Pg Va 9:
NY HIV+AIDS pandemic at least three times worse than national rate and much higher than documented.

Clearly Obama is promoting a public health official who has been complicit in not containing the awful HIV+AIDS pandemic. Frieden and NY government have refused to implement the public health systems that were developed over 100 years ago because of Typhoid Mary. Because of this malfeasance of refusing to implement the same processes and procedures that are used for all major communicable diseases, this pandemic will continue to destroy thousands of innocent lives. The ultimate obscenity is to specifically and officially exclude HIV+AIDS from the definition of sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) and thereby negate the health systems that have been used in their containment. Covering-up the magnitude and extent of the pandemic by never listing AIDS as cause of death is a national public health system disgrace. Frieden’s promotion to head of CDC will ensure that this malfeasance will continue. How pathetic!

Reprint of Feb 22, 2005 blog item:
To view the NY response to this pandemic click-on:
The Paper, 2/22/05 Pg 8: The Editorial on AIDS alludes to a "new battle" but then appears to cower under the tent of political correctness with generalities about seminars, economic conditions, social structures and education. The article encourages leaders to be helpful but sensitive to some vague dark force.
The following represents how some leaders addressed the plague:
During the initial phase Governor Cuomo and Mayor Koch of New York implemented programs to address the privacy of this affliction but not to hinder its spread. Many of these policies and laws are still in place. The question now, over 20 years later, is: was this experiment in public health policy the right thing to do? And if not, why were these policies implemented and when will all the states have a consistent and correct set of laws and processes?
Specific New York actions resulted in:
* A testing laboratory CAN NOT advise a doctor that the results of a blood test the doctor ordered for a patient is HIV+. Only the patient is notified.
* A parent CAN NOT be advised if their child is HIV+.
* A spouse CAN NOT be advised if their partner is HIV+.
* Rape or sexual abuse victims CAN NOT find out if their abuser is HIV+.
* There is no requirement for an HIV+ person to advise or notify their intimate partners of their condition even though this is clearly the most dangerous concealed weapon in our society.
* There is no requirement for an HIV+ person to take reasonable or prudent steps to avoid contamination of others.
* There is no requirement that an HIV+ person can not sell their blood to a blood bank, it's up to the blood bank to detect the virus and dispose of it without notification to the Public Health Department.
* The pre-marriage blood test was eliminated thereby placing newly-wed partners at risk.
* The state and local health departments are not allowed to intervene in the plague's progress: no interviews, no determination of contacts, no containment and no direct management to halt the spread of the virus by known carriers.
* In New York HIV+ and AIDS are by law NOT defined to be sexually transmitted diseases and therefore are not processed or managed by the Public Health Systems as are all other STD's!
* Even though New York has one of the highest rates of HIV+ and AIDS it does not, by law, report any data to the federal Center for Disease Control.
In retrospect, it is very difficult to comprehend the extent and magnitude of our government health system malfeasance in the HIV+AIDS Pandemic and the awful outcomes that resulted.
The following blog item contains links describing the sad outcomes of a government that refused to do the right things that were well know for over 100 years.
Sleep well, Obama and Dr. Frieden are watching out for your welfare.

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