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Thursday, December 08, 2016


The Obama-Gore-Mann AGW-Alarmist “Consensus” Will Finally Be Challenged

Roanoke Times,  12-8-2016, Pg 3:  Trump makes pick for EPA (Oklahoma AG Scott Pruitt an acknowledged AGW-Skeptic)
Trump to nominate EPA critic Pruitt to lead agency
The Left-Wing hills are alive with the sounds of recrimination over Trump’s pick of Pruitt as EPA Administrator.
How dare Trump propose someone who wants to see science and not consensus as the basis for national energy policy!
By the time the Senate confirmation processes are over, Obama, Reid and Schumer are going to regret that they employed “The Nuclear Option” for a 51-vote criterion in the Senate against the Republican minority.
The Obama-Gore-Mann AGW-Alarmist hypothesis that man-caused CO2 is causing catastrophic climate change will finally be challenged and not just accepted because of a so-called-consensus.
Science is not based on consensus; it is based on methodically determining facts utilizing “The Scientific Method”.
Since Gore’s Inconvenient UnTruth, that was massively scientifically flawed, taxpayers have paid hundreds of million of dollars to “researchers” who have tried in-vain to demonstrate there is a cause-and-effect between CO2 and global temperatures.
Computer model and simulator outputs are not just accepted as valid by real scientists.  To be valid they must be calibrated against real data and supported by real scientific cause-and-effect relationships; otherwise, they simply represent garbage-In and garbage-Out.
However, getting hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars in grants to keep “the stuff” flowing is reason enough to join “the consensus fraternity”; and having the Pravda Media sensationalize every announcement and every weather event is a big free bonus!
One seldom sees or hears in the Pravda Media the premise that there is significant data that shows earth’s global temperature changes cause major changes in atmospheric CO2 as has been done for hundreds of thousands of years.
A fact Gore chose to ignore in his own graphics of temperature-CO2.
The key is not the temperature going up or down.  The key is what is the cause-effect relationships that drive these parameters.  A major reality is that we are still coming out of a glacial period and there has been significant warming that deiced much of the poles, raising the seas 400-feet in 16,000-years and then ended the “Little Ice Age” circa 1775 and continuing on today.
All this warming well before man-made anything!
The new EPA Administrator doesn’t have to “attack or intimidate” anyone (as has and is being done by the Alarmist Bullies).
My Unhappy Life as a Climate Heretic
My research was attacked by thought police in journalism, activist groups funded by billionaires and even the White Hous

He simply needs to do what was needed all along – require the AGW-Alarmist community to demonstrate the real science associated with their hypothesis and demand open debate within the government, academic institutions and the public.
When did UVa and or VT ever hold an open, comprehensive and professional debate on the AGW hypothesis?
Given the current environment in our Universities in which gangs of nasty belligerent hoodlums supported by like-minded professors seem to be in-charge, it’s unlikely there can be open and professional debate on any serious subject, but there should be a good-faith effort. 
The AWG-Alarmists are labeling Pruitt a "climate denier".
Pruitt does Not deny the climate is changing because he knows, just like we all know, that the climate has always been changing!
Hopefully we will soon be able to go forward employing renewable energy options based on their economic, business and technical viability instead of the Obama mandated and taxpayer subsidized AGW-misdirection.
Bill Gates: Renewable’s Cost Astronomical – Switch Green Subsidies To RandD
UVA And Global Warming Alarmist’s Court Ordered To Let Sunshine In
But – UVa then spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and judge-shopped until they beat the Va FOIA laws and buried Mann’s AGW “stuff” the taxpayers paid for but cannot see.
So much for open access no less open debate!
A VT Energy Assessment Challenge
Setting The Climate Record Straight – Theory vs. Reality


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